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How do we work
Each milestone is coordinated with you, and to speed up the work, most often the milestones are done in parallel.

Pre-project work

We structure the application's functions and screens, prescribe a preliminary technical specification, and draw an app interface prototype and an interactive model. After approving the prototype and interactive model, we write a full technical specification and calculate the final cost and time of the application.

  • App analysis and marketing.
  • Writing the initial technical specification
  • Approval of the initial technical specification
  • Developing of the concept of an application prototype in order to get a visual image
  • Modification of the prototype to the final form
  • Interactive application model based on the prototype
  • Prototype approval
  • Writing a full technical specification
  • Final app evaluation

Starting development

We start drawing and approving the interface design, while making the app prototype layout and developing the server side. We will complete the final design at this stage for your approval.

  • The design interface development
  • Layout of the application prototype
  • Testing the layout
  • Developing the application server side
  • We are bringing the design to full approval

Active development with testing

Major features of this application are being completed. And we start testing the product ourselves.

  • Major features are completed
  • The interface design is completed
  • Finished the server side development
  • The application is tested

The app is delivered for client testing

The final milestone in development, but not in the project , is full testing of the client's finished application.

  • Client testing of a ready-made application
  • The fixing of found bugs

The application publishment

This milestone is the last one when the application is completely ready for use and meets the client's requirements. Our team will help you host your website or publish your app on the Apple Store or Google Store for free.

  • Purchasing and registering a domain, hosting and developer accounts
  • Provide content for the app page
  • Passing moderation
  • Publish the application

Application support

We support the project for free for 2 months. The development team is ready to help you fix a bug or malfunction found by you after the project has been submitted.

  • Fixing bugs / malfunctions
  • Updating the application to hosting and stores

Payment Process
Each project step is divided into a specific payment
Pre-project work
Cost: 5% of the preliminary cost
Starting development
Cost: 30% of the total cost of the project
Active development with testing
Cost: 35% of the total cost of the project
Testing a ready-made app
Cost: 30% of the total cost of the project
Publish the application
Cost: 5% of the total cost of the project
Application support
Cost: 0% of the total cost of the project
This is the average cost of developing a website or mobile app
12 600$
This is the average number of days it takes to develop a website or mobile app
This is the average number of people working on a single project
2 000$
This is the average cost of one milestone of
work at a project cost of 10000.
We focus on quality so we only hire talented professionals
Why us?
We've been in business for 5 years. We have expertise enough but our cost is not so high as larger and more hyped companies have. We like to be family company.

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