VPN - Private VPN Apps
VPN is an application that helps users connect to other servers located in another country. To use a safe and fast internet, to bypass blocked sites. All user traffic goes through the server data.
Saleoneire is a new unique advertising platform for the best business representatives.

A small landing page for the Saleoneire mobile app describes the functions of the mobile app in a convenient form and provides an opportunity to download the app for iOS and Android versions. By the way, the mobile app itself is also our development.
GorTaxi - taxi app
GorTaxi is a simple application for ordering a taxi in Bryansk. You can order a taxi in a few clicks, without dispatchers. It is also possible to choose the car class, order time, and other convenient order options. The app has a bonus accumulation system where you can save bonuses from trips and spend them on trips or additional options.
Effective website for the company Grifon on learning to play the guitar. The site is focused on the maximum collection of requests (leads), so the emphasis was placed on bright converting colors (black, yellow, red) and large fonts. The conversion rate of this site is 17% (based on 100 target visitors, 17 of them leave a request for a free lesson).
КиП - application for the sale and purchase of cars
Buy and Sell - an application designed for buyers who themselves want to set a price for a particular car. The application has the ability to publish ads, receive offers from potential buyers and choose the most attractive price for a car that was offered by a particular buyer.
The corporate website-portfolio for the sale of sliding gates from the Gatelux company is designed in the same strict style of the company. The laconic and stylish design is able to convey to the client the main advantages of the company and answer the question " Why us?", which helps to increase sales.
MozgoParty - Quizzes
A video quiz game with questions on logic and ingenuity for fun and communication!

In the app, you can choose games and organize competitions in the company of friends, at work, during breaks in educational institutions or at a visit to your parents! The app has more than 100 games on any topic. Each quiz is 4 rounds of 7 questions.
Development of the Smartfiat blockchain platform for managing, exchanging and purchasing the digital currency "fiat".

This site has the following functionality:

Personal account, login and registration;
Billing, wallet, and payment systems;
Site Control Panel;
Isset Tarot Reference (app.mobile+web)
Tarot Issat is a tarot card reference app. In the app, you can find the card you need, study the information on it, and learn information about tarot courses.
Development of the Top School educational platform. A convenient platform with a catalog of schools and educational institutions, sorted by city. In each city, you can choose an educational institution and get acquainted with the catalog of programs. Any educational program can be paid for and completed online by registering on the platform.
Tracker EC Supplier (app.mobile+web)
Поставщик ЭС tracker is an application that helps customers of the company "Supplier EC" to track in real time the status of their order, the status of delivery and much more. You can also write a product complaint in the app, easily and simply.
(in developing)
«АФИШИ.РФ " is an outdoor advertising agency that has over 10 years of experience, more than two hundred thousand advertising surfaces and hundreds of satisfied customers. The agency's mission is to constantly improve the level of service for partners and clients, select the best places to place posters and provide professional services.

A bright site, which includes a user-friendly calendar, with which you can select an available date accommodation. You can choose an advertising space and insert your own image there for visual presentation.
Zuzu - a new social network for adult dating
Absolutely free application, you can write for free to anyone and as much as you want.
Leave your likes, search for mutual likes, unlimited time and times.

The task was to build a simple, interesting and new dating app.
(Fore sale)
Development of the ЛИФТ МЕДИА selling website for advertising in elevators. A bright, stylish website attracts attention, and a convenient designer, with which you can calculate the advertising budget and the number of ad views, allows customers to choose this particular campaign. The site also has a convenient map of the choice of advertising space.
Dubrovsky Syndicate
An application for motorists and not only. The application is a large set of features. We have done a lot of work both on the server side of the application and on the client side.
On the first day of release, the app hit the top 4 of the Apple Store. After the release of the application, flaws and bugs were noticed. All of them are resolved, and the app continues to be updated and improved.
A bright selling site for selling radio ads. On the site, you can view examples of ads, filter radio stations by region and other convenient criteria, view a review and submit a request by selecting the desired ad properties using the ad builder. The advertising agency offers companies the opportunity to place the video not only on any of the 37 radio broadcasting channels in St. Petersburg, but also on more than 500 sites in Russia.
The company Wortex Print makes advertising products and designs the windows of your stores. A small website for the advertising company Vortex Print is implemented in a strict corporate style, with a convenient portfolio, a catalog of services, prices and requirements for advertising layouts.
Online store of car accessories and auto parts for the company Mv-auto. The store is implemented on the 1C: Bitrix platform with integration with 1C: Warehouse, automatic loading and updating of goods from suppliers. The key feature of the site is a flexible and convenient, multi-functional product filter, as in Yandex Market, which greatly simplifies the search for the desired product.
The company offers a profitable purchase or sale of currency on the day you choose, as well as insurance of risks associated with currency transactions.
For this site, we have developed a concise design with three-dimensional functionality, such as:

Product catalog;
Convenient Product filter;
Compare products, favorites;
Integration with 1C, automatic import;
Registration, personal account, shopping cart;
Glass bath
The site is designed specifically for a company engaged in the production of turnkey glass baths. Here you can not just leave a request, but also view a voluminous catalog with a diverse offer of baths.
The online store «Тотоша» offers a large selection of wooden educational toys of Ukrainian and foreign production, board games, puzzles, as well as a large number of different didactic materials for children's institutions and primary schools. In addition, here you can compare products, as well as make an online order.
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